Done for this week’s MLP-ATG-Alumni prompt “An unwell pony”.

Poor Bon Bon. Lyra may be the one lying on the ground in pain, but Bon Bon has to live with this nonsense. :D

I decided to take a short break from the painting I’m working on to do this week’s prompt. The idea for this sparked in my head on Wednesday night and developed into a full-fledged script by Thursday.

Originally, I thought of having Bon Bon drop a hammer on Lyra’s head from up on the ladder, but then I couldn’t figure out any plausible way that would make her end up on her back and I knew from the beginning I wanted Bon Bon cradling a semi-conscious Lyra.

Then, while looking at reference images of Ponyville, the obvious solution presented itself: have Lyra fall out a window while making a rather ill-advised attempt to hold up the sign with her hooves instead of using telekinesis like a sensible unicorn.

I wanted to give the middle of the comic something of an over-the-top almost soap opera-esque feel to the drama. While Bon Bon and Lyra are “in the moment”, the backgrounds disappear and the relatively hard-edged shading is replaced with soft shadows and highlights.

As Bon Bon begins to grow suspicious, I dial back the shading effects and then, in the twelfth panel, snap everything fully back to reality.

Perhaps the hardest part of the whole thing was creating the motion blur on the falling sign. After seven layers and multiple attempts at various blur effects… I’m still not completely satisfied. But, it’s clear enough what’s happening, so mission accomplished, I guess.

Also, the title stinks. I had almost a week to think about it and came up with nothing.